Leadership & beyond…. Story of TEVTA Punjab and Zaheer Abbas Malik

Arslan Jafri

It is often coined (and rightly so) that work ethic cases are associated with business leaders and or companies which do bad things. However, there are also stories about admirable business behaviour that catches the attention of public and stakeholders.

Let me put up the empirical evidence before you that how change centered leadership can induce positive impact on an organization. Ekvall and Arvonen study demonstrates significant positive correlations were between a change-centred leadership style and job satisfaction, organizational commitment and evaluations of the leader’s competence. (Let me not bore you more with literature and empirical evidence but this was necessary)

Have you ever heard of TEVTA Punjab? Frankly, I did but I thought of it to be another regulatory body of the government of the Punjab. (It otherwise is regulatory body but for technical and vocational education). The largest skill provider… yes, it is. But few know about this. A change in perspective can change the whole scenario.

This truly happened and is happening at TEVTA Punjab. (It is just the change of leadership and the perspective has already changed).

Mr. Zaheer Malik who is heading TEVTA brought different changes in the overall outlook of TEVTA (I am seeing as an outsider at a provider which changed itself within no time).

Give them the sense of ownership and bring in the transparency in whatever issues you are dealing with is the hallmark of new perspective change of TEVTA Punjab.

This onslaught happened by bringing in three policy papers, anti-harassment policy, whistle blowing policy and anti-corruption policy (No these are not just mere notifications but these are proper documents with an inbuilt implementation mechanism).

We bring in the laws and policies but then we don’t have implementation mechanism. That’s where the problem occurs.

It seems the new COO TEVTA was aware of this and he was shrewd enough to cater for this requirement.

What? Nah …not just these. The gentleman believes in functional hierarchy and has treated every tier of management as such. Ideas (ideas sir jee… ideas) play an important role but ONLY if you know what you are saying. TEVTA got a new vision.

It quickly moved out of inertia. Suddenly the things got moving. Why? Since the gentleman who heads it … wanted it to be. Procurement of all things moved to under a proper documented regime under PPRA (fair and open competition).

People got motivated and started to jump on band wagon of doing good things. Competition ensued. Services git better. Alumni(s) got roped in… internes got official linkage…teachers got heard. A common man through all social media tools got heard at all levels.

Ownership of TEVTA became more prominent. Courses and trades got revised. Sector skills councils got activated.

Partnerships and mutual working with other organizations got a routine. Can you see, hear and feel the buzz…. No as if it was not enough.

The new COO got more appetite. Huh, technical fun galas, new admission corners, success stories (with catchy background music) twitter spaces with employees, alumni dinners, new central prospectus, newsletters, YouTube channel, brand registration and launch of e-commerce under, Hunar by TEVTA, skill competition, master chef Punjab, TevEx and TEVTA man mobile game(how cool you will fix things in game as a skilled labor) more. What? I mean that’s incredible… no its awesome. Outstanding.

Everyone with whom I have had interaction while compiling this article (not COO since he was being judged) got tickled up by these so many things happening at such a rapid pace.

A single person and that too from a bureaucracy did this. No…no…no…. don’t let this go into ruin. Don’t pile up but just follow what he has started… Oh TEVTA you are in for a ride.

The way new top tier management has involved market and skills required by the later its truly what is required. New center of excellence in technical and vocational education are being set up.

Yes, it has been initiated but it needs perpetual ownership and legacy build up by TEVTA. The outside guy has done what he was supposed to do. Make it a routine. Add on to these initiatives. Improve it. And TEVTA will be a thing for future.


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