Layyah overseas forum


Mr. Muhammad Hanif Malik, a prominent political and social figure based in Bahrain, has launched a platform for the people of Layyah living abroad called “Layyah overseas forum” and a coordination office in Layyah district in which people from all over the world those who left Layyah for sustenance but Layyah could not get out of their heart, sby uniting the people of Layyah, highlighting their local and regional and foreign problems in Pakistan and finding solutions and uniting in the development of their region. The manifesto of contribution has been kept.

At present, a large number of migrants have joined the Layyah overseas forum set up by Mr. Muhammad Hanif Malik, expressing happiness and confidence.

After the establishment of the forum, Mohammad Hanif Mmalik invited the residents of different countries living in different countries to organize the sub-branches of the forum and unite on the platform of Layyah overseas forum keeping in view the organization of the forum.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Khokhar, founding member from Saudi Arabia and Mr. Amir Hussain Malik, founding member from Duba,i under the leadership of Muhammad Hanif Malik, the founder of the forum, has started to set up its coordination offices side by side and to participate in practice.

Other gulf Countries, Europe, America, Africa, Australia, Layyah residents in the UK and other countries are joining the forum in response to this call.

The assistance is intended to help the working class, especially the workers in the gulf countries, in every possible way and to co-operate fully in dealing with government and embassy matters.

It also includes guidance and support for newcomers to employment.
The establishment of this forum will benefit all the people of Layyah living in the country and abroad.— PR

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