Lawyers humiliate medic at THQs Hospital


Bashir Ahmad Rehmani


A doctor of THQ Hospital was thrashed while lady doctor was abused and humiliated by the lawyers of Pindi Bhattian and the doctors closed down OPD to protest against the irresponsible and uncalled for attitude for the lawyers. According to police source, Mohsin Shah Advocate was brought to the emergency of THQ Pindi Bhattian and he requested the doctor Faisal to refer him to Sargodha Hospital for better treatment but following altercation, some lawyers allegedly pounced upon Dr. Faisal with fists and kicks and thrashed him mercilessly.
The lawyers also allegedly abused and humiliated lady doctor Tanzeela. Following the scuffle, the doctors closed down the OPD. However, on the written complained lodged by MS of the hospital the police registered a case following which the OPD was reopened after about 6 hours.

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