Landing of a chartered plane at Karachi airport not a big deal

Amraiz Khan

Some circles in the country are busy making a mountain out of a molehill after a chartered plane landed at Karachi airport the other day. No doubt the plane took off from a rival neighboring country but it was not registered there nor owned by that country.

Well placed sources in the aviation industry confided to this scribe that it was a well-regulated mode of transport by authorities concerned and used by the elite class of any country including politicians, businessmen, and high officials.

A senior officer of CAA when contacted said, “This is another creation of Keyboard Warriors group”. He was of the firm belief that there is an International Chartered Airlines group which owns 2100 executive jets, Air ambulances etc worldwide. Their Pakistan based franchise is owned by Ghous Akbar and they have clients in the region who pay rent for their services.

He said that it was not an Indian plane but this chartered company aircraft is registered in the UK and their aircraft flew to Hyderabad Deccan for a customer and from there flew to Karachi at the request of another customer who has paid in advance. There are many private Executive Jets owned by tycoons like Malik Riaz, Marshall etc with aircrafts based in Pakistan with many registered in UAE. In 2015 Imran Khan and his group flew on a private jet to Delhi for a Hindustan Times Seminar.


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