Land Mafia deprives widow, 2 disabled of their property



Our Correspondent


A prominent political figure and former Vice Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) Chaudhry Zubair Iqbal alongwith his aides Raja Asif and Adnan Alias Bably derived of widow of late Azhar Mehmood and her two disabled sisters of their property including two shops situated in Azhar Mehmood Market on Hassanabdal Road.

According to details, when the son of Widow, and his friend tried to talk with land Mafia during their visit to said shops on Hazara Road, they opened straight fire on widows son due to which the friend of widows Son injured with three bullets, but due to political pressure a case has been registered against widow’s son and the culprit Zubair Iqbal has availed bale before arrest.


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