Lahore: Police make progress in Johar Town Blast

Lahore: Police make progress in Johar Town Blast

Lahore: Police have made a breakthrough in the Johar Town explosion investigation, as a suspect from Rawalpindi has been detained, thought to be the guy who parked the explosive-laden car.

According to sources, suspect Eid Gul was apprehended in Rawalpindi by the CTD Punjab and is being sent to Lahore.

Last week, a car packed with explosives exploded near Hafiz Saeed’s home in the city’s Johar Town, killing three people and injuring many more. The blast was believed to have been aimed at extremists.

Law enforcement authorities carried out raids and made arrests in Punjab cities and Karachi.

The security authorities raided a man’s home in Karachi last Friday for his alleged participation in the fatal explosion.

According to reports, the authorities discovered proof that he had met numerous individuals and acquired his immigration details. He was also the owner of the vehicle that was used in the explosion.

David has a scrap and hotel company in Bahrain and relocated his family to Pakistan in 2010. He came to Pakistan a month and a half ago and visited Lahore thrice during that period.

IGP Ghani believes the assault was directed towards police officers. He urged people not to believe rumors about the explosion while speaking to the media soon after it occurred.

The IGP told the reporters that the CTD is investigating the event and that a full report on the nature of the explosion and the substance used would be released.

“We are not sure what caused the explosion or whether it was a planted device [that caused the explosion], or a suicide blast,” he had said at the time.

In response to a question whether Hafiz Saeed — the leader of the outlawed Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) was the target — Ghani had said: “There is a police picket near the house of a high-value target, which is why the vehicle could not have gone near the house.” This is why he believes the police were targeted, reported Geo News.

He didn’t provide any further details on the high-value target.

He had added, “You should be thankful to the police.”

Ghani promised to apprehend those responsible for the terrorist attack.

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