Lahore garbage problem


It appears that Lahore, like Karachi, is also becoming yet another garbage dump.

The sanitation situation there has deteriorated with rubbish strewn across streets making it impossible for citizens to pass through due to filth and nauseating stench.

Finally acting to mitigate woes of citizens, Provincial Minister for Higher Education Yasir Humayun said backlog of waste from the provincial capital would be cleared in a week and for this hired machinery would be used.

As a long-term solution to manage city’s waste, he said Rs 4 billion would be spent for procurement of 915 new vehicles.

Indeed there should not be any further delay as Lahore is cultural hub of the country and most of tourists prefer visiting the city to see its historic architecture dating back to Mughal era.

Such filth and dirty look will only convey a negative impact to tourists and therefore special emphasis should be given to restore clean look of the city.

Apart from big cities, a programme should also be launched to introduce solid waste management system in smaller districts also.

Provincial Minister Yasir Humayun belongs to Chakwal district yet it is unfortunate that there is no system of collecting wastes there, what to speak of rural areas where there is no sanitation and sewerage system.

Change is favourite slogan of PTI government and it is all the more important that Mr Khan’s government gives practical shape to this slogan by making cities, towns and villages clean to bring a major change in lives of the people.

Other provincial governments should also act on similar lines.