LACAS Music Festival: A night to remember!


Soaking up the festival spirit, LACAS, one of most renowned and largest school networking in Pakistan, held its much talked about music festival at Alhamra Open Air Theatre on February 1. The glorious event, managed by two of the branches (LACAS Gulberg and LACAS CSC) was assisted by Central Activities Department which is the main body of the system to organise and support social and cultural events.
The one-of-its kind LACAS Music Festival gave chance to amateur singers to have their music videos recorded and sing with stars, to be heard by masses. The event had two interesting segments, FUNKAAR and DUM MASTUM. Funkaar gave the amateur singers a free platform to rehearse with the seasoned musicians who trained them earlier to have their audios recorded professionally in a copiously equipped studio, whereas, Dum Mastum gave the amateur and passionate singers, a chance to sing with the well-known figures of the music industry.
Nescafe Basement singers Omar Mukhtar, Hamza Tanveer, Sibtain Khalid, Yasrah Haseeb and Faizan Khan were mentoring the participants with their beneficial, friendly and expert instructions. In both the segments, the contestants were judged on their vocal ability, video presentation, choice of song and stage presence on the final day.
A panel of veteran and reputable judges, namely Arif Lohar, Zainab Jawwad, Anwar Rafi, FasihBari and Hamza Tanveer judged the performances on the final day, having Alhamra Open Air Theatre echoing with zest and fervour by thousands of event attendees. The joy of the audience knew no limits when the famous cricketers Imran Nazir and Shaheen Shah Afridi made the entry on stage and showered the audience with Lahore Qalandar merchandise as well.
The cherry on top was the stimulating concert by none other than AsimAzhar, who is youth’s favourite singer for his soft voice and happening performance on stage.
Thousands of people, including families attended the event which was a huge success. Big brands, namely Pepsi, Dasani, Jockey, Maybelline, LATT LIV and many others sponsored the event which shows how essential such musical and cultural events are, apart from academics, for our upcoming generation to have their talent and skills polished. Indeed it was a starry night to remember.