KWSB submits report on sewage treatment plants


It was reported that on instruction by Sindh High Court Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) submitted report against dumping of industrial waste and crude oil into sea. Report stated that work is underway on Greater Karachi Sewerage S-III project, which handles sewage and environmental waste.

Project aims to improve Karachi’s sewage and environment. Municipal sewage capacity for this project is 500mgallons per day. Sewage is being dumped into sea without treatment due to lack of proper system. Report cited that Korangi STP-III treatment plant makes up majority of this project. Asian Development Bank is working on feasibility of this project. S-III project will recycle wastewater.

STP-IV project is situated in southwest of Karachi on Malir River from where water flows into sea. Both residential and commercial industries will benefit from this initiative. Court later adjourned hearing until May 23.