KW&SB chief expresses good wishes on World Labour Day



CEO KW&SB Engineer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed & COO KW&SB Engineer Asadullah Khan has expressed good wishes to the Labour of the whole world including Pakistan in their message issued on the occasion of the International Labour Day and said that the real key role in the development of any country is the Labour because the development of the world is incomplete without Labour.

They said that on occasion of this day, great workers of Chicago should also be remembered, due to their eternal sacrifices, the movement created for the rights of workers has now become a global movement.

They said that ALLAH TALAA has declared the Labour as his friend and ALLAH Almighty has given us a clear order that the Labour should be paid before his sweat dries up and this is the clear interpretation and definition of the status of workers and their economic rights in Islam.

They said that the KW&SB management is also committed to solving the problems of its employees, While KW&SB is now counted among the organizations that provide timely salary, medical facilities and other benefits to their employees. They said that the KW&SB employees have an important role in the services of the citizens including the stability of the organizations, While the KW&SB recognizes the services of its workers and we hope that the KW&SB employees will continue to play their full role for the development of the country and the nation, including services to the citizens, with the same spirit in the future.

They further said that on the occasion of International Labour Day, we should all take a pledge that we will leave no stone unturned for the development, prosperity and improvement of Pakistan including the KW&SB.