Kucha Shah Hussain restoration work to be completed by Jan 2024


The Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) is currently working on restoration of Koocha [street] Shah Hussain, situated on the southern side of Wazir Khan Masjid.

The WCLA sources told APP on Sunday that almost 35 per cent of rehabilitation work had been completed and the entire Koocha would be rehabilitated by January 2024 while the cost of the project was Rs 90.1 million.

Sources said that Koocha Hussain Shah had direct approach from the mosque and the Wazir Khan Square.

The famous koocha included historic buildings, and 31 properties were being preserved in which facade rehabilitation of 13 properties had already been carried out, sources added.

The rehabilitation works included stabilisation and uplifting of facades, improvement of street surface, plantation and tourists seating area and a café. The conservation project also includes upgradation and improvement of the existing infrastructure including sewerage line, electricity line, water, gas and telecommunication facilities.

The scheme was being carried out with the cooperation of Aga Khan Cultural Service of Pakistan.

Sources said that core purpose of the project was to rehabilitate and protect the historic sites which would enhance the beautification of the street and the mosque area. Once the Koocha was rehabilitated, it would turn the spot into a tourist hub, sources added.