KPO terror arrest turns out to be not related to terrorism



The arrest in the Karachi Police Office (KPO) attack case had its drop scene on Thursday after the police came to know that they had only been tricked into arresting a man whose nephew’s complaint against him being the facilitator of the terrorists was nothing but the result of a family feud.

According to the police, a citizen made a call to Madadgar 15 at 4:30am and reported that the facilitator of the three terrorists, killed in the KPO attack, was present in North Karachi. The police came into action, and they arrested house owner Ghulam Raza.

Ghulam Raza told the police that his nephew Rizwan had him arrested due to family enmity. After investigation, the police released the detained person on bail. Police officials said that raids were being conducted for the arrest of the caller.