KPC important pathway for entering politics: Governor


Governor of Sindh Kamran Khan Tasuri has said that politics starts from Karachi Press Club and most of the politicians have prepared themselves from this club. It is our right to play an individual role and it is an honor for us that this historic work is being done by our hands. He said this while speaking at a luncheon hosted by club officials at Karachi Press Club.

On this occasion Karachi Press Club President Saeed Sarbazi, Secretary Shoaib Ahmed, Vice President Mushtaq Sohail, Treasurer Ehtishamul Haque, Joint Secretary Aslam Khan, Governing Body Members Farooq Sami, Zulfiqar Rajpar, Ramiz Wahra, Zulfiqar Wahoocho and other members of the club were present. Governor Sindh said that the economic and social conditions of the country have become very bad; the rent of diplomatic offices and ambassadors’ residences of Pakistan outside the country has not been paid for the last three to four months, which is causing a great shame to the country.

He said that the economy of this country and the city of Karachi has been handed over to the mafia. Sindh and the country will develop only when Karachi develops. Kamran Khan Tasuri said that after getting the responsibilities of the governor, he faced big challenges, he portrayed it in social media, but he has managed all three factions of MQM and other political parties of the province.

Also contacted parties. He further said that besides being the representative of the federation in Sindh, he is also the constitutional head, if any constitutional, human rights and other problems arise in the province, he will speak about it. The Governor of Sindh said that there should be equal opportunities for development in the entire country and the province. Unfortunately, despite the passage of 75 years, there is only one grammar school and two big hospitals in Karachi and Lahore.

On this occasion, Karachi Press Club President Saeed Sarbazi and Secretary Shoaib Ahmed said that Karachi Press Club is a historic building and has a great history of playing an important role in the struggle for democracy and human rights. The decision of KMC to keep Karachi Press Club Chowrangi is the need of the hour and to acknowledge the sacrifices made by Karachi Press Club for independent press.

In the afternoon, Karachi Press Club President Saeed Sarbazi, Secretary Shoaib Ahmed and the Governing Body presented a gift of salary. After that, Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tasuri and the officials of Karachi Press Club arrived at Phawar Chowk. A ceremony was held to change the name to Karachi Press Club and the governor unveiled the plaque of Karachi Press Club Chowrangi.