KPC honours Bilquis Edhi for serving humanity


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a function was organized under the auspices of Karachi Press Club in honour of philanthropistBilquis Edhi and women who have rendered outstanding services in various fields.

On this occasion, an exhibition of photographs of outstanding women on the outer wall of Karachi Press Club was also inauguratedMember National Assembly Shazia Marri cut the ribbon and inaugurated the exhibition.

Speaking on the occasion, Bilquis Edhi, Head of Edhi Foundation, said, “I am very happy to be invited on the occasion of International Women’s Day. I am grateful to kpc for honoring me.

She said that Edhi Sahib comes in her dreams, he has really made me a human being, there is nothing to be gained from fighting, husband and wife run the house together, Edhi Sahib is my lion who has Gone, Edhi Sahib passed away but he taught us almost everything.

There is no problem in carrying on his work. if a woman is respected, she can give her life. Bilquis Edhi said that a woman is loyal, she does not cheat anyone. Shazia Marri, Information Secretary, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), said that now the voice of a woman cannot be silenced and she does not need a microphone.

She needs political insight. She has collaborated her personality with her husband and has supported her husband on every occasion.

Sindh Minister for Women’s RightsShehlaRazasaid that on the occasion of International Women’s Day, one cannot forget the women who have played their role for the country and society.

No movement is complete without women. This is the day of women’s awareness. There are women who are supporting their families. Ms. Benazir Bhutto raised her voice against violence and sacrificed her life for human rights and against extremism.

Executive Director, Jinnah Hospital,Dr. Seemin Jamali said that Women’s Day means educating women to empower them, women are now leading many institutions.

Addressing the function, actor Saud said, “My mother, wife and daughter are the splendour of my home. I love them immensely. I congratulate Bilquis Edhi, the mother of us all, on this day.

At the outset, a shield was presented on the outstanding services to Bilquis Edhi. A large number of journalists including KPC office-bearers were present at the event.