KP government committed to women empowerment: Mahmood Insaf Women Wing completes party reorganizing at regional level


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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government is committed to empowering women, ensuring their equal participation in all areas of life and protecting their rights.
This was said by Chief Minister of KP Mahmood Khan while talking to a delegation of the Insaf Women Wing led by Vice President KP, Neelum Khan Toru at the Chief Minister’s House.
Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) of KP and President of Insaf Women Women Wing Peshawar Region Ayesha Naeem and Secretary General of the Insaf Women Wing Peshawar Region Dr Humaira Gilani were also present on the occasion.
KP Chief Minister reiterated the party leader and chairman, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of social and economic empowerment for women of Pakistan in general and of the province in particular.
Neelum Khan Toru on the occasion briefed the chief minister about the re-structuring and re-organization of the party at regional level. The process has been completed at regional level—Peshawar Region, South Region, Malakand Region and Hazara Region—and in the next phase the Insaf Women Wing’s presidents will be announced at the districts and tehsils level, she said.
The workers of the Insaf Women Wing are reaching out, she said, to the women and girls of the province convincing their parents and male members of the family to ensure their access to education, health, information and all the basic necessities of life. She said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) believed in guaranteeing women’s rights in all tiers of society. Now, we are moving to reorganizing the party at district and then at tehsil levels, they said.
Through the party reorganizing women will be encouraged to participate in the social service, community welfare, etc. Neelum Khan Toru informed the chief minister that the process of electing party presidents at district and tehsil level in KP will be completed in next three to four months.
The KP Chief Minister lauded the Insaf Women Wing’s efforts in making women socially and politically aware of their rights.

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