KMC starts anti-encroachment drive in all districts


The KMC anti-encroachment teams are working to demolish illegal structures in all seven districts of Karachi.

On Thursday, 23 teams took part in the anti-encroachment drive.Concrete houses were demolished at 10 spots along the Gujjar nullah. The teams conducted their operation on both sides.

Two teams, on the other hand, conducted operations in the West, Keamari, and Central districts.

The Orangi nullah passes through these three districts. They removed encroachments at six points along the Orangi nullah.

KMC teams even resumed the demolition of the shopping mall and the Pavilion End at Aladin Park in the East district.

Two teams were tasked with demolishing the illegal structures built on the parkland.

Teams even conducted an anti-encroachment operation on the Dawood Pota Road in Saddar, South district.

They razed encroachments near the Shahabuddin Market, in front of Saddar Parking Plaza.

During the operation, they even confiscated pushcarts and cabins.In the South district, two KMC anti-encroachment teams conducted an operation in the Shah Rasool Colony near Zamzama Park in Clifton.

The KMC teams were also active in the Korangi district. They removed encroachments from 7000 Road.

The encroachments included push-carts, iron nets, puncture shops, and cabins.Shops and godowns constructed on public land were demolished near the ‘matkaywali’ puliya in the Korangi district

In Malir district, the KMC launched an operation in Mussarat Colony, and confiscated hens’ cages, cabins, puncture accessories, iron nets, and shutters laid on service roads and footpaths.

KMC Senior Director Bashir Siddiqui said it was the first time that anti-encroachment operations have been launched in all seven districts of Karachi at the same time.

The anti-encroachment department has increased its manpower and machines at Gujjar and Orangi nullahs for the completion of the demolition drive before the monsoon season starts.


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