KMC removes encroachments in Central, Korangi districts

City Reporter

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation conducted on Tuesday anti-encroachment operations in two Karachi districts.

In District Central, a KMC anti-encroachment team conducted operations in Mujahid Colony and near Inquiry Office in Nazimabad.

It removed encroachments including tables, chairs and other hotel items from footpaths and service roads. Beds, tandoors, gas cylinders and tyre puncture equipment on the roadside were removed too.

KMC staffers lifted vehicles abandoned on service roads near Inquiry Office in Nazimabad. They cleared footpaths for pedestrians by removing cabins, stalls and pushcarts.

In District Korangi, a KMC team cleared encroachments from 12000 Road near Nasir Jump. They confiscated cabins, pushcarts, tyre puncture machines kept on footpaths and roads.

Senior KMC Director Bashir Siddiqui said that anti-encroachment operations would continue across Karachi without any break. The KMC anti-encroachment department has a proper plan for a phase-wise drive in all districts, he told SAMAA Digital.

“The anti-encroachment department has been conducting these drives for the last three years,” Siddiqui said. “This was not done in the past.”

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