KMC moving towards reforms: Wahab


Administrator Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab said Tuesday said that competent resources and good intention were necessary to run any organization in a better way.

“KMC is now moving towards reforms, putting records of Estate, Land and other departments online to bringing transparency and to improve the institution.

Instead of crying out for powers and authority, I will point out that the real issue is intention.

No institution can function without financial stability,” the administrator said this while addressing a press conference at the KMC headquarters here. Metropolitan Commissioner KMC Afzal Zaidi and other officials were also present on the occasion.

He said that he wanted to do something for this city as per his mandate. He said that it was repeatedly told in the past that there was a lack of power but actually there was a lack of intention.

“To improve the situation, the KMC started with the Estate Department. The rent of KMC shops used to be Rs 50 million annually till a year and a half ago, which has now increased to Rs 150 million.

In the first three months of the current financial year alone, more than 45 million have been received by eliminating the mafia,” he added.

The administrator said that revenue collection from oil tankers and bus terminals have also been started while KPT had also been written a letter for payment of Rs 65 crore dues.

Wahab said that barely Rs15.16 crore is collected in terms of municipal utility tax, KMC will get Rs 60 crore per month and Rs 7.20 billion per annum from the collection of Rs 200 per user in K Electric bills.

“Any future mayor will need the money to run the city. Details of full collection and expenditure of municipal utility tax will be made public and will not hide anything,” he said.

He said that he had three options, ask the federal government for help, ask the provincial government or stand KMC on its feet.

“Hopefully, the federal government and other agencies will play a positive role in recovering the municipal utility tax on electricity bills and the courts will decide on the KMC’s point of view before giving a stay on the KMC’s revenue matters,” he said.

The administrator Karachi said that all records related to Estate Department, Land Department, Charged Parking, Parks and Terminals had been posted on KMC’s website under the title of e-department and citizens could see the progress there.

He said that Karachi is a port city and both the ports use the infrastructure of Karachi and KMC.

As per KPT Act of 1886, the board shall pay money every year to the local government. There are such laws in every port city but unfortunately it is not being implemented.

From 2009 to 2016, around 65 crore are owed on KPT. “This is the right of Karachi and KMC which should be met,” he demanded.

Wahab said that as soon as the municipal tax was announced, politics was started on it and allegations were being leveled by those who increased the advance tax and petrol by Rs5 without asking the people.

“We are thankful to K-Electric that they agreed but the PTI federal ministers and the governor opposed it which is unfortunate. We have to decide whether to run the city in charity or independently,” he added.

The administrator said that Karachi runs the country, asking the Prime Minister to support the city.  He said that Pakistan People’s Party and Sindh government still had same stance on census.

Speaking about uplift works in Karachi, he said that repair and paving work of various roads of the city were being done and many parks were also being improved where recreational facilities for the citizens would also be enhanced. He said that fumigation would also be done to tackle dengue.


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