KMC clips trees along roads to ensure smooth traffic flow


The Horticulture Department of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is planting and trimming trees on various roads and arteries of Karachi, on the directives of Administrator Karachi Laiq Ahmed.

The branches of the trees should be trimmed so that they do not obstruct the traffic, the administrator directed to the officials concerned, said a spokesperson of the KMC on Friday.

The staff of Parks and Horticulture Department is working at Shahrae Faisal, Kidney Hill Park, Aziz Bhatti Park, Shaheed Millat Road, University Road and other places.

Civil society and various welfare organizations including Faizan Global Relief Foundation, NED University of Engineering and Technology and Rotary International are also assisting KMC in this regard.

It should be noted that Karachi Administrator Laeeq Ahmed has directed to include tree plantation and tree trimming in the process of beautification of the city.

The Horticulture Department was directed to conduct survey of major roads and arteries and wherever trees have grown disorderly on the sides of roads or green belts, they should be pruned immediately.

“Tree plantation should be done in accordance with the basic principles of horticulture and priority be given to plants that create a beautiful and lush environment,” Ahmed directed.

He directed that trimming of all trees along roads should be completed before the monsoon rains in order to minimize the possibility of trees and their branches falling during rains and strong winds.

The staff of the Parks Department, Karachi, trimmed several trees at University Road near Old Vegetable Market The leaves are also being cleaned to make the green belt look cleaner.

To make the tree planting a success, plants are being irrigated and their protection and supervision is being arranged so that these plants can become tenacious trees and the citys roads look green and beautiful.