Kidnapped child Abdul Rauf reunited with family in Balkh


Abdul Rauf, a child who was kidnapped two years ago, was freed on Saturday and rejoined his family in Balkh. Rauf, 11, was kidnapped while he was on his way to school in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital city of Balkh province, two years ago.

“I think I am just born today again. I am born in a new world,” said Mohammad Nabi, father of Abdul Rauf.

Rauf talked about the tortures he faced from the kidnappers and said: “I feel a lot of pain.” “I feel like Abdul Rauf is born again,” Rauf’s mother said. The second deputy prime minister Mullah Abdul Salam Hanafi announced the release of Rauf at a gathering in Balkh.

Hanafi also alleged that the former government was connected in some way with the abduction of Rauf.

“As a result of our investigation we found that Abdul Rauf has been abducted by the networks which were active under the umbrella of the former government and had close ties with for its officials,” he said. “The main individuals have left the country. We will share further information with you in the future.”

At the gathering, Hanafi called on the people to cooperate with the Islamic Emirate forces in providing security in the country. Earlier, Rauf’s family said the kidnappers threatened to harm the child, and they called on the government to help.

Meanwhile, speaking at the same gathering, the head of intelligence Mullah Abdulhaq Wassiq said that Afghan soil will not be used against anyone, and called on the neighboring countries to not allow anyone to use their soil against Afghanistan. Abdulhaq Wassiq, head of intelligence, who also accompanied Mullah Hanafi on the visit to Balkh, said that the plans of enemies to destabilize the country failed and therefore they focused their attention on targeting public areas.

“When the enemies of Islam and of the people saw Afghanistan in a strong security situation and they failed to make the country insecure, then they targeted schools and mosques which shows their weakness,” he said.

According to officials within the Balkh department of security, Rauf was detained in Faryab, Sar-e-Pul, Jawzjan and Balkh provinces, and 20 people were arrested in connection with the case.—Tolo news


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