Khushhali Microfinance Bank, 1Link offer ‘1Bill–1Payment’ solution

Staff Rept

In another service innovation, Khushhali Microfi-nance Bank (KMBL) and Pakistan’s first licensed PSO/PSP payment gateway – 1Link, are now offer-ing the ‘1Bill – 1Payment’ solution to their valued customers.

Bringing all banks on a unified platform, this facility performs hassle-free transactions and other financial tasks The 1bill 1payment solution powered by 1Link will allow all KMBL customers to ensure swift pay-ments, for their products and services, saving them additional time and money, by using the member banks’ OTC, ATM, Internet Banking and Mobile-Banking facilities.

The customers will also be able to make online bill payments, including; Credit Card bills, Utility Bills, Fee vouchers, loan payments and much more, by using the platform of 1Link member banks and vice versa.

President of Khushhali Microfinance Bank – Ghalib Nishtar stated; “The banking landscape continues to evolve with each new initiative, KMBL is proud to be amongst the leading banks focused on customer centricity & convenience by implementing solutions that provide ease and better services to our custom-ers.

KMBL clients can now go to any other bank’s branch and process their loan-payments, credit cards billing or utility bills, through this initiative.”

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