Khurasani dismissed as Panjshir security chief


Abdul Hameed Khurasani, chief of the security department of the central province of Panjshir, has been dismissed and been replaced by Atiqullah Sediqi, local officials said.

Officials in Panjshir said that Khurasani was dismissed for misusing his authority three months ago.

Khurasani in a video on social media said that he was dismissed by the provincial governor but his dismissal has yet to be signed by the Ministry of Interior (MoI). He accused the provincial governor of mistreating the residents of Panjshir and he urged the leadership of the Islamic Emirate to dismiss him.

“I am saying it again. I am waiting for the order of the Islamic Emirate,” he said. “… I am not a personal soldier of Mawllawvi Qudratullah (Panjshir’s governor).”

One day after the broadcast of the video, Abubakar Sedeqi, the spokesperson of Panjshir’s governor, said that Khurasani was dismissed three-months ago.

The local officials appointed Atiqullah Sedeqi as the new chief of the security department for Panjshir.

“Abdul Hameed Khurasani was fired as head of the security department of Panjshir. He has no official job in Panjshir. He wanted to cover his mess by joining the Islamic Emirate,’ he said.

The Interior Ministry has yet to provide comment on this. Deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate said that the dispute occurred on a local level—which has been solved.—Tolonews

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