Khan’s controversial statement


THE controversial statements of our political leadership are unfortunately adding to the political uncertainty gripping the country at present.

In an interview with a private television channel, former Prime Minister Imran Khan warned if the Establishment does not take the right decision, Pakistan would break into three parts.

Alluding to the economic situation, he further stated that the country is on the brink of suicide.

Since independence, it has been desire of our arch enemy to divide Pakistan into many parts. It is because the creation of Pakistan has never been accepted by it.

We lost our one part back in 1971 because of follies of our own exploited by India which still continues to plot to stoke instability in certain parts of the country with the aim to further divide it.

The way India is interfering in Balochistan and supporting and financing the separatist elements is before everybody but a person who has served as the country’s prime minister should refrain from speaking the language that strengthen the hands or narrative of our enemy.

There is no doubt that Pakistan is faced with immense challenges both on the economic and security front, but there are certain matters which should not be discussed in the open.

We therefore will suggest the former PM not to touch sensitive issues for petty political interests.

The military has repeatedly stated that they have nothing to do with politics and must therefore not be dragged into it by the political forces.

Smear campaign against the defence forces only hurt the morale of the security personnel and this needs to be avoided for the sake of national interests.

We have no doubt in saying that regardless of current situation, our defence forces backed by the entire nation are strong enough to foil the nefarious designs of the enemy and they have proved so in the war against terrorism.

The whole nation will always remain indebted to the sacrifices and services rendered by our defence forces for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

The advice for the political forces is to stop looking towards the Establishment and rather sit together whilst setting aside their personal ego to find solution of current political crisis.

They should work collectively to take the country towards the path of political and economic stability.