Kenyan girls rescued from captivity make startling revelations


Two Kenyan girls, who were rescued from captivity in Karachi have recorded their statements under section 164. According to details, two foreign girls recovered from Karachi’s Scheme 33 Private Society Punjabi Sodagaran have made startling revelations in their statements.Teresa Wingi in her statement said that is a Kenyan citizen who came to visit Pakistan on a month-long visit visa last year in February.

Teresa said she told Haider Rahman and his wife before her visit visa was expired, Haider Rehman and his wife said they would extend the visa period and show me more places. “I was looking after their children while visiting for visa extension,” Teresa said. took care of her children۔

The Kenyan girl said in a statement that Haider Rehman took her phone and she was not allowed to talk to anyone and when she asked Rehman’s wife when she will go to Kenya, she threatened her with a knife.

Teresa said that Haider along with his brother Faseeh and friends Raja Hussain and Agha locked her in a dog cage for three hours and later kept her hostage at a construction building.Another recovered Kenyan girl Lule Abidi Kale said she came to Pakistan after a friendship with Haider Rehman in Nairobi and decided to do business in Pakistan jointly but as soon as she arrived in Pakistan Haider snatched her passport and said he will kill her if she complained to anyone۔

In his statement, Lule Abidi said that Haider pressed her neck hard and said, “I will cut your throat.” She further said on request, Haider let her talk to her mother and Lule texted her brother after which they were rescued.