Keep proper distance from electrical installations : CEO


During the rainy season, especially in monsoon season ratio of power/lines accidents are increase and the only solution to prevent is to take precautionary and safety measures.

In a message, Chief Executive IESCO Dr. Muhammad Amjad Khan urged consumers to keep safer distance from power installation like transformers, electric wires, electric meters etc.

Never touch electric appliances with wet hands or body. In case of a broken power line anywhere, do not go near it and report it immediately to the relevant Complaints Office numbers, IESCO Helpline 118 or Chief Executive’s Complaints and Monitoring Cell at 051-9252933-34.

Repair or replace electrical wiring immediately if it is old or damaged. Never tie animals to electricity poles or under transformers.

Avoid any construction or expansion under or near power lines as this is not only dangerous but also an illegal act. Precautionary measures are the only tool of protecting against any unpleasant power accident.


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