Kech teaching hospital


District Kech is the divisional headquarters of Mekran Division and Kech Teaching Hospital is the second biggest hospital of Balochistan province which is very much crowded where people of Gwadar and Panjgur come for treatment as well and it is pertinent here to mention that District Kech, population-wise, is the second biggest district of Balochistan.
It is hurting to mention that the basics such as bandages, drips, pyodine, gauze, syringes and even oxygen gas are not available there. I was shocked to learn about this as most of these things barely cost Rs.20 and there is an acute shortage of qualified doctors, particularly lady doctors. In today’s world when specialization has become common and essential, there is not doctor in the hospital with an FCPS/MCPS or its equivalent international qualification. The doctors and supporting staff do absentees regularly and come late owing to negligence of Medical Superintendent. Recently the Additional Deputy Commissioner visited the DHQ hospital Turbat where most of the doctors were absent, the people are infected by dengue virus and ten have passed away.
Furthermore, the district Administration has failed to spray in district Kech as a reason dengue is spreading in entire district Kech and the District Hospital Turbat lacks health facilities, the patients do not treated properly and they are compelled to travel to Karachi for proper treatment and the destitute people cannot afford to go to Karachi for further treatment and it is fundamental right of the citizens to get their basic rights bestowed in constitution of Pakistan 1973.
Turbat, Kech

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