KE calls on SSGC to emphasize on supply of indigenous gas


Moonis Alvi – CEO, K-Electric had a telephonic conversation with Mr. Imran Maniar – MD, SSGC. During the conversation, the former emphasized over ensuring the availability of indigenous gas from SSGC’s side in order to reduce the cost of power production. The supply of expansive imported fuel is one of the major reasons behind the rising electricity bills and the supply of indigenous gas can significantly reduce the cost of energy.”

Spokesperson further added that “KE always ensured timely payments of indigenous gas however; its supply has remained suspended for months. Resultantly, KE’s two major power plants in SITE and Korangi are non-operational. Furthermore, the disruption in the payments to SSGC is because of the supply of expensive imported gas however, it is constantly being supplied despite delays in its payment.”

“During the telephonic conversation, Maniar gave assurance of his cooperation on supply of indigenous gas that it will soon be restored.”



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