KATI felicitates decision to lift ban on LCs


President of Korangi Association of Trade Industry Faraz-ur-Rehman welcomed the decision of the government and State Bank to lift the ban on LCs and termed it as optimistic for the economy.

He said that the government had accepted the long-standing demand of the business community, and the ban had created a shortage of essential raw materials, which had created fears that the export sector would also be adversely affected.

Rehman said that this decision has ended the ongoing crisis in the country and soon the raw materials stuck at the port will be cleared, which is likely to increase exports. The implementation of the No Remittance Involved clause in LCs will not affect the foreign exchange reserves, however, if the government relaxes the condition of prior permission from the State Bank, the difficulties of the industry will be further reduced, which will help in increasing the inflow of foreign exchange in the country, he added.

President KATI said that the government’s decision has saved millions of jobs. It is hoped that the industry will soon stand on its feet and become economically stable. Faraz-ur-Rehman further said that now the rumors of the default of the country will end. President KATI further said that the government should formulate an economic policy in consultation with industrialists and other stakeholders to ensure the use of valuable foreign exchange in development works.