Kashmiris urged to forge greater unity in their ranks to defeat India


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Political Resistance Movement (JKPRM) has said that the Kashmiris should forge greater unity among their ranks to get rid of Indian illegal occupation and salivary like Afghanis have broken the shackles of slavery in their country.

The JKPRM leader Dr Musaib Ahmad address-ing a party meeting in Srinagar said, we need to rise up to end slavery and Indian illegal occupation on the soil of Shah-e-Hamdan (RA) and Sheikh Noorudin Wali (RA).

He said if NATO forces and Indian designs have not stopped Taliban from putting up their best ef-forts to win freedom and end slavery, why the peo-ple of Kashmir are not standing one voice, one de-mand against oppression, slavery and occupation.

The JKPRM leader said, success is in Almighty Allah’s hand and we must remain united and firm in our struggle against the Indian illegal occupation to achieve our right to self-determination. —KMS

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