Kashmiris across globe hail Pakistan for raising Kashmir issue at UN



Kashmiris across the globe praised Pakistan for reiterating its policy on Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir at the UN General Assembly, and urged Islamabad to announce a special deputy foreign minister level official, dedicated to cause of Kashmir.

“Kashmiris are indebted to state of Pakistan for its realistic stand and policy” on Kashmir which was reiterated by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif at the UNGA in September, said Fahim Kayani, leader of UK-based Tehreek-e-Kashmir.

“This is despite the fact that Pakistan faces challenges from all sides but standing by people of IIOJK for their demand of right to self-determination according to the UN resolutions speaks volumes about sincerity of state of Pakistan,” Kayani said.

Talking about the regional situation at the UNGA, Shehbaz had said Pakistan was seeking peace with all its neighbors, including India. “Sustainable peace and stability in South Asia, however, remains contingent upon a just and lasting solution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.”

He said India’s illegal and unilateral actions of 5th Aug. 2019, to change the internationally recognized disputed status of Jammu and Kahsmir undermined the prospects of peace and inflamed regional tensions.

Kayani said the people of IIOJK look at Islamabad for breaking the status quo imposed by the west on diplomatic front on Kashmir due to rising strategic importance of India to the US and its allies.

“This means we have to re-strategize and take steps that break the status powerful nations have imposed on solving Kashmir according to wishes of people of IIoJK,” Kayani said.—KMS


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