Kashmir situation likely to deteriorate in 2021, warns ACLED


Jammu and Kashmir listed as one of the 10 conflicts to watch for in 2021 alongside others such as Yemen; Myanmar, Ethiopia, and Armenia and Azerbaijan could deteriorate further, warned the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data (ACLED) Project.

The ACLED which is a non-governmental organization specializing in disaggregated conflict data collection, analysis, and crisis mapping, in its latest report said that there is disillusionment and anger among Kashmiris against India’s [illegal] move on August 5, 2019.

It said another source of a possible spur in armed activities is new citizenship and land laws that allow outsiders to purchase land in Jammu and Kashmir besides claiming residency. Before Aug. 5, 2019, only Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist residents of the Muslim-majority region had these rights.

Referring to Modi regime’s efforts to bring demographic changes in the territory, the ACLED report said, “An ongoing exercise aimed at redrawing the local legislative assembly segments will shift the power to the Hindu-majority Jammu region, the report said.—KMS