Kashmir settlement against UNSC resolutions bound to fail: Fai


The World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF) organized an Iftar dinner to express its appreciation to the brethren of Azad Kashmir ancestry for their continued support.

The Forum has experienced its dedication, commitment and generosity over the years to strengthen the cause of Kashmir in corridors of power here in Washington, DC and beyond.

The event was held at Des Pardes restaurant, Springfield, Virginia where the leadership of Kashmiri and Pakistani community was in attendance. Kausar Javaid, a well-known journalist, recited the verses from Holy Quran and offered salutation on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The WKAF President, Dr Ghulam N. Mir thanked the participants for joining this special Iftar, honouring our Azad Kashmiri community leaders. We want to thank them, Dr Mir added, for their continued support to the people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir who see no end to their suffering at the hands of Indian occupation forces.

“We know it well that you all have invested your time and energy to pursue the right of the people of Jammu & Kashmir — right to self-determination. You are the ones who have kept the candle of freedom kindled through your deep involvement with the Kashmiri political resistance by attending conferences, seminars and holding rallies in Washington, New York and beyond”, Dr Mir said.

Kashmiris on both sides of the ceasefire line are like brothers and sisters and wish to maintain that national kinship here at the United States. We need to fight the Indian occupation together through all peaceful means available to us until freedom is achieved, Dr Mir explained.

The WKAF Secretary General, Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai also thanked the audience for their support and guidance during the past more than four decades. “We salute your selfless commitment & dedication to the cause of Kashmir”, he said.

Fai warned that any settlement which deviates from the principles laid down by the United Nations Security Council is bound to fail. The unique characteristic of these resolutions on Kashmir is that they were negotiated in detail by the United Nations with both India and Pakistan. They were adopted only after the consent was sought from both sides. Kashmir dispute, therefore, is the only international conflict where parties have suggested the roadmap towards the resolution of the dispute without any exploitation and external manipulation.

Today, the world powers do not utter a word to stop brutality and viciousness prevailing in the Vale of Kashmir – once known as paradise on earth. Therefore, we feel compelled to knock the corridors of power in Washington, and elsewhere and urge them to explore all humane and reasonable avenues to deliver the people of Kashmir from a suffering that has lasted now for more than seven decades, Fai added.

Dr Zulfiqae Kazmi, Executive Director, The Commongrounds, concluded the discussion with special supplications and remarks. He hailed the efforts of WKAF and said India is oppressing the people of Kashmir for decades and spreading violence to stop them from demanding fundamental rights of freedom.

Dr Kazmi said, “We must stand to promote global awareness of this situation and the acceptable solution of the Kashmir dispute. During the month of Ramadhan, we may better understand the rights of others with empathy.” He suggested launching a comprehensive reach out campaign in America for the cause of Kashmir which is so dear to us all.

Dr Kazmi, who is the President of Discover Pakistan HD TV, informed the audience about the role of this popular and diverse TV channel and support for the cause of freedom of Kashmiri people. He said giving and sharing are values of this esteemed holy month, and we need to keep them dear.

Dr. Zafar Noori, a prominent leader of the Kashmiri community, highlighted the meaning of fasting and its relevance with the oppressed people all over the world. Month of fasting makes us feel compassion and empathy towards the needy, destitute, poor, hungry, and less fortunate in our community. When a person is fasting and feels the pain of hunger, he should reflect on those who have been in this situation not only for days but often for weeks and months. Islam wants to inculcate this feeling among Muslims to become helping hand for all those people irrespective of their religion, culture or creed. This is the time, Dr. Noori emphasized that we need to remember our brethren in Palestine, Myanmar, Kashmir, Ukraine and beyond.

Sardar Zarif Khan, emcee of the programme thanked the audience for their participation. He applauded the role of the leadership of Kashmiri & Pakistani American community and said it was a fact that whenever we gave you a call you always responded in the positive. Thereby, you have become the symbol of compassion, humanity and kindness for the cause of kashmir. Zarif particularly thanked his team, including Malik Hamid, Shoaib Irshad, Sardar Zubair Khan, Moazzam Aftab, Akram Butt, Aftab Roshan Khan for their continued help.—INP

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