Kashmir, Palestine, Myanmar: Case example of genocide | By Ali Ashraf Khan


Kashmir, Palestine, Myanmar: Case example of genocide

THE world is turning blind eye to inherent right of self-determination of people, like the principle of nuclear non-proliferation, has been employed according to big power politics, not according to high moral standards or consistency.

History records that big powers agreed in 1948 that the people of Kashmir have the right to self-determination but this pledge was never fulfilled due to political expediency.

Are the power brokers oblivious of the fact that when United States and Great Britain decided in November 1947 and August 1951 to take the Kashmir issue to ICJ.

Over the years, these two countries have been dragging feet on the human rights situation in Kashmir and didn’t want to disturb Indian market by challenging India or anticipating a role in US expansionism in south china sea to retain Taiwan as their camp follower ignoring International commitment under the Charter, under a questionable Instrument of Accession and under half a dozen UNSC Resolutions on Kashmir.”

Those working on policy of clash of civilisation or war against religions, we have warned in these columns are trying to play with fire, their heinous designs are fully exposed, when Yugoslavia was dismembered four independent countries were recognized by UN but Kosovo was not? How UN came into action and held Plebiscite to carve a new Christian country East Timor out of Indonesia, how fast world community and United Nation came into to play in dividing another Muslim country Sudan to establish Christian dominated South Sudan with abundant oil reserves and Sudan where masses are still struggling for survival.

It’s my belief, self-determination is the only answer, not the problem in Kashmir provided if exercised with prudence and practicality.

But the world politics and international relations, vis-à-vis emergence of China as an economic giant has disturbed the Chess game of the sole super power.

I have been writing and trying to expose conspiracy’s against Humanity since long specially focused on Palestine and Kashmir, because the people of Kashmir and Palestine are suffering due to well planned scheme of things drawn by World Jewry’s House of Rothschild’s operating from United Kingdom, that started on 2nd November 1917 when Lord Arthur Balfour had communicated a decision approved by His Majesty the King addressed to Lord Rothschild signed by Arthur Balfour that we commit to support with our sweat and blood the Jews in establishing a Jewish State on Palestinian territory, similarly the British Parliament also approved the partition plan for British India dividing it into two dominions – Pakistan and India, as per plan the Rulers of these princely states were free to choose among India & Pakistan, but in case of any dispute where rulers professed different faith and majority of population different then accession was to be decided by exercise of free will of the people of that state.

The US and its NATO allies have already met their doom in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon and Iran.

Afghanistan is a situation that neither US can swallow nor spit it out inspite of total destruction of Humanity in Afghanistan, just wait and see, Israel is sooner than later going to implode from within due to massacre of unarmed Palestinians, why world conscience is sleeping over continued genocide of humanity by the champions of human rights, the spineless Muslim rulers are party to the crime.

Divide and rule game is over, realization and requirement of national interest demand greater reconciliation and unity among Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran, reports are emerging that ice has started melting and let’s hope a balancing force emerges to strike a balance for socio-economic prosperity through alignment with BRI initiative offered by China and Russian cooperation.

Pakistan is yet not clear to define its own national interest and priorities implementation of pragmatic foreign policy instead of continuing to look towards West only.

Pakistan emergence on 27th Ramzan, coinciding with 14th August 1947, and declaring the republic as Islamic Republic of Pakistan was perhaps considered first threat to another newly born country “Israel” and our successive rulers failed to build public opinion rather kept playing super power game, when Suez Canal issue came up, when Hussain Shaheed Suharwardi had in reply to a newsmen question described then Arab block as Zero-plus-Zero is equal to Zero, and we antagonized Gemal Abdul Nasser a leader of Non-Aligned Movement, and then for personal gains we compromised with Oil rich Arabs and continue even now in spite of CPEC project hanging in balance since last two decades, that could have been a real game changer if rulers had developed consensus with all provinces instead of bulldozing their views.

No Muslim can disagree with the principal of Shura or consultative decision-making. Islam also erects no stark hierarchy of religious authority like the Roman Catholic Church.

Then why the voice of people is not given any importance by claimants of Rayaset-i-Medina, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) employed revelations from God to create a timeless constitution, yet also sought the consent of all who would be affected by its implementation.

Thomas Jefferson thus borrowed from Islam consultative principle and incorporated in the Declaration of Independence in speaking of government by the consent of the governed.

In the end, I can sum up with confidence that people of any religion will turn to violence when peaceful avenues of dissent or opposition are closed.

We must listen carefully as well as speak forcefully for all international conflicts, be it Palestine, Myanmar or Kashmir. God bless Pakistan and humanity.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Karachi.

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