Karen Decker says she shares Afghan women’s ‘concerns’


Following conversations with a number of Afghan women in Turkey, Karen Decker, the Chargé d’Affaires of the US Mission in Afghanistan, said that she shares their “concerns and their hope.”

Decker, the US official for Afghanistan, stated on Friday, October 28, via her Twitter handle that the US is continuing to make a concerted effort for the people of the US and Afghanistan. She also mentioned speaking with other Afghan women in Turkey, including journalist and reporter Nargis Hurakhsh and investigative journalist Somaia Valizadeh. Decker described her trip to Turkey as “productive” and stated that she “appreciated the honesty of Afghan women.”

According to Karen Decker, the “listening tours” prove that Afghans all across the world are concerned about the future of their country.—Tolo News


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