Karachi’s Red Zone becomes battlefield


Red zone area of the metropolis on Thursday displayed scenes of a battleground after the protesting nurses were barred from rallying to CM House, following baton-charging of police.
As per details, police hit the female protestants with truncheons while attempting to stop them from heading to CM House. Police arrested more than 24 protestors outside Karachi Press Club and closed all routes leading to the CM House. The protestants also went through water canons but continued to voice for their demands. Today marks the 14th consecutive day as the nurses of government medical facilities across Sindh seek an upgrade in their allowances and salaries equal to those of other provinces. According to the newly constituted Nurses Action Committee, the protest will carry on until government issues a notification in this regard.
On the other hand, patients across hospitals in Karachi are suffering greatly owing to the absence of nurses.—INP