Karachiites forced to buy most expensive flour



All records of flour prices in Karachi and other parts of the country have been broken as a 20 kg bag of wheat flour has reached Rs3,100 for the first time in the history of Pakistan, according to a report on Sunday. According to the report, the citizens of Karachi are forced to buy the most expensive flour in the country. Atta is being sold for up to Rs155 per kilogram in Karachi as a 20 kg bag of flour has become more expensive by Rs 200 in a recent week in Karachi and it is available at Rs 3100. It seems that there is no check and balance system in the country, where people are already reeling from worst economic crisis.

As per the report of the Bureau of Statistics, a bag of flour has become expensive up to Rs 200 in Multan, Rs 100 in Peshawar, Rs 80 in Hyderabad, and Rs 30 in Quetta in a week. The statistics of the government showed that a 20 kg bag of flour in Khuzdar reached Rs2,850, Hyderabad Rs2,800, Quetta Rs2,780, Peshawar Rs 2750, Larkana Rs 2640, Sukkar and Multan reached Rs 2600. The price of a bag of flour in Bannu reached Rs 2550, Gujranwala Rs 2533, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Sialkot reached Rs 2250. A bag of flour is also available for Rs1,295 in all major cities of Punjab including Lahore and Islamabad due to the subsidy of the government.