Karachi unliveable


ACCORDING to an annual index released by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Karachi is amongst the world’s most unliveable cities – something which once again indicates the criminal negligence meted out to the development of the country’s most important city.

The Unit’s global liveability Index for the year 2022 ranks Karachi 168 in terms of liveability amongst a total of 172 countries.

Unfortunately the city has persistently been getting this poor ranking. Last year, it ranked 134 of 140 cities in the index whilst in 2019 it ranked 136 out of 140.

This should not come much as a surprise as everybody in the country is fully aware of the poor conditions of the provincial capital.

Regardless of being the economic hub of the country contributing immensely to the economy, little has been done over the years to address its chronic issues.

There has been significant improvement in overall security of the city ever since the operation against criminal elements and extortionists eight or nine years ago but unfortunately infrastructural needs of it have not been fulfilled during this period.

Heaps of garbage are a common sight here.Poor sanitation and sewerage system is only exposing its dwellers to health problems.

Because of this, the city has been faced with the issue of flooding, especially in monsoon season.

On the other hand, the dwellers are also confronting serious water shortages. The situation would not have been this worse had the departments concerned performed their duties.

It is a matter of satisfaction that both the centre and provincial government have agreed to complete the Karachi Circular Railway project on a fast track basis.

Whilst this mass transit system indeed will go a long way in addressing transport woes of Karachiites, both the federal and provincial governments should also work collectively to address other longstanding problems of Karachi in order to make it liveable. For this short, medium and long term plans be evolved to better manage its affairs.

The relevant departments must be awakened from deep slumber. To activate them, action must be taken against negligent officials.

The people of Karachi still remember the development work carried out both by Mayors Naimatullah Khan and Mustafa Kamal.

A fully empowered local bodies system is the way forward to take matters towards improvement in this city.


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