Karachi flour mills announces strike


The flour mills association has announced to observe strike across Karachi from today.

According to the chairman flour mills association Chaudhry Amir, 92 flour mills will be closed in Karachi from today.

He said that the Sindh government had assured to provide the wheat imported from Ukraine, to flour mills but it’s still unsure when will the wheat reach Pakistan and be provided to flour mills, hence the association has announced to close the flour mills.

The chairman of the flour mills association said that 20 flour mills are facing a severe crisis and they are also facing problems in transporting wheat to Karachi from interior Sindh.

Earlier, it was revealed that the Sindh government allegedly supplied ‘substandard’ wheat to flour mill owners and chakki operators in Karachi.

According to details, more than 200,000 sacks of wheat – which had rotten in the government’s warehouses located in Malir and was declared unfit for human consumption – were forcibly handed over to the mill owners and chakki operators.

Sources claimed that the mill owners and chakki operators are supplying the flour of rotten wheat provided by the Sindh government to the market. The sources further maintained that the wheat ‘forcibly’ given to mill owners and chakki operators is not even suitable for animal feed.