Kanye West hints at another presidential run



The rapper and fashion designer Kanye West has suggested he will run for president and wants Donald Trump to be his running mate. Trump, for his part, brushed aside a recent meeting with West as of no significance.

The artist, who goes by the name Ye, posted Thursday a swirling symbol on his Twitter account with “Ye” and the number 24, apparently representing 2024, the year of the next US presiden-tial election.

Then the rapper posted a video of himself speaking about a meeting this week with the former president in Florida.

“I think the thing that Trump was most perturbed about (was) me asking him to be my vice president,” West said.

“Trump started basically screaming at me at the table, telling me I’m going to lose,” West said. “I’m like, hold on Trump, you’re talking to Ye.”

Trump, who tried to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election he lost to Joe Biden, announced last week that he would run again in 2024.

Trump posted on Friday on his Truth Social platform about his meeting with West, saying the two discussed politics “to a lesser extent” than business, and that West had asked Trump “for advice concerning some of his difficulties.”—APP