Kamal warns PPP to halt ‘Anti-Karachi, Anti-Muhajir’ politics


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Saturday said, “When we can fight and eliminate the evil presence of RAW from Karachi, the economic hub of Pakistan, so shall be the fate of PPP-led prejudiced provincial government.”

Kamal warned Pakistan People’s Party to stop its anti-Karachi, and anti-Muhajir politics under the garb of so-called democracy, threatening to topple them through public power, if it did not end politics of hatred, and decades-long public deprivation.

He said that PSP’s untiring four-year struggle for the restoration peace and tranquility in Karachi by eliminating RAW was to ensure rule of law with empowering people through their genuine and sincere leadership, not to hand over Karachi’s control from RAW to Asif Ali Zardari.

“PPP has practically converted Sindh into Sindhu Deshand  Zardari’s personal dynasty. People from the rest of country will soon need visa to come to Sindh.

Those who can sell children’s medicines to mint undue money, can also be used against the country for dollars.

It makes no difference for them to be misused by either India or the United States or Israel.  There is no doubt that the PPP is destroying Pakistan economically from within.”

He said this is an enemy agenda and added thatdespite everything being exploited by Sindh government, the federation and the state are silent.

Every child of PSP will protect every inch of Pakistan, especially Sindh province, till the last drop of their blood.

The PPP calls itself a democratic party but what it is doing in the name of democracy is very unfortunate.

It doesn’t devolve powers to the grass root level, neither it gives PFC share to district level despite receiving NFC share from the federation.

Kamal posed question as why not one should celebrate joy, and distribute sweets over the dismissal of this corrupt PPP government at the hands of an undemocratic force.

“Curse on such democracy in which drinking water is not available, children do not get medicine and education, people are unemployed, genocide is committed.

At the behest of which undemocratic force, PPP is making hydrants and selling water to them for billions?”

The press conference was also attended by President PSP AnisKaimKhani and members of the Central Executive Committee and the National Council.


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