Kabul witnesses first snowfall of the year


The city of Kabul was blanketed with snow on Thursday, something that was widely celebrated by the residents amid severe economic challenges that have affected millions of Afghans across the country.

Many Kabul residents expressed their happiness about the snowfall but vulnerable families said they are unable to afford the expenses of heating their houses.

“The snowfall happened in Kabul. Kabul can be without gold but not without snow,” said Sayed Ghafar, a resident of Kabul.

“As the snowfall happened, everyone, including children and adults, is happy and you see that everyone is playing,” said Mohammad Noor, a Kabul resident.

Other residents said they enjoyed the snowfall and took many pictures of it.

“Today was the first snow in Kabul and some other provinces,” said Hamid, a Kabul resident.

Some other residents said they are facing a tough life as they cannot pay for wood or coal to heat their homes.

“We don’t have anything to eat or to use,” said Sakhi Agha, a Kabul resident.

“I have no food to eat and no wood to heat our home,” said Totia, a Kabul resident. —Tolo news