Kabul university faculties lack professors


Students at Kabul University said that some of the departments lack lecturers. Students also expressed dissatisfaction with the rise in the number of their classes to seven or eight in a single day, saying that they are unable to retain that much information.

“The number of our educational classes has increased. When we come to university three days a week, we attend six to eight classes,” said Maryam, a student.

“We have complained about this, but nothing has changed. We have to continue like this. We have to study six to eight credits everyday, three days a week, and we have to come to university at seven and stay until three in the afternoon,” said Zahra, another student.

“It’s still our first semester, and we do not face a shortage of professors, but other faculties, like the law faculty, are facing a serious shortage of professors,” said Fatima, a student.

Meanwhile, officials at the Ministry of Higher Education and Kabul University say that they are working to solve these problems.

The Ministry said that despite the lack of lecturers, they have announced vacancies to hire new employees. However, they add that the problem of rising class loads is now being looked at.

“The Ministry of Higher Education has announced vacancies to solve this problem and will also try to solve any further problems,” said Khaleddad Ahmad Taqi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Higher Education.

“All the problems have been solved, we are trying to provide a suitable environment for the university students to learn better,” said Rahmallah Nadim, Kabul University Press Director.

According to the Ministry of Higher Education officials, the level of male and female provincial students living in dormitories is now the same as in previous years, and in accordance with previous guidelines, provincial students in their third and fourth years are not eligible for the dormitories.—Tolo News


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