Kabul suicide attack


REGARDLESS of intra-Afghan negotiations that have raised prospects of peace, violence on the ground has increased in recent weeks in the conflict-ridden country. In the latest despicable incident, a suicide bomber struck near an education centre in the Afghan capital Kabul that killed at least eighteen people and injured fifty-seven others.
The suicide attack came hours after a roadside bomb tore through a bus east of Kabul, killing nine civilians. On Friday, Amnesty International said at least fifty people had been killed in attacks in the preceding week, accusing Afghan government and Taliban of failing to protect the civilians. These attacks pose a serious threat to ongoing peace process that must continue at all costs as any deadlock will not sort out the issues but further prolong the conflict. The two sides must realise that there is no other option but to reach an understanding to end the decades old conflict in Afghanistan and sooner they do so will provide a healing touch to the wounds of Afghans. It now is actually a test of the seriousness and acumen of both Afghan government and Taliban as to what extent they are serious to live up to the expectations of their people.
While Taliban have denied involvement in the latest suicide attack, it is for the Afghan government to ensure safety and security of the people and take action against terrorist groups posing threat not only to the security of Afghanistan but also Pakistan. It is an historic opportunity for peace in the hands of Afghan leadership and spoilers should not be allowed to disrupt the peace process. Everybody knows that peace process will not going to be an easy one or obstacle free. Therefore, first priority of both the sides should be to reach a ceasefire agreement to help build trust and strengthen prospects of peace. The peace process can only yield results if both sides agree to make concessions. Especially Afghan government will have to show a bigger heart and should be ready to give sufficient space to Taliban in the current set-up. The peace deal should focus on finding a lasting solution, permanently leaving behind war and destruction.

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