Kabul residents criticize sale of ‘low-quality’ coal in Govt centers


A number of Kabul residents on Saturday said the coal distributed by the government at a lower price does not have the required quality to be used for heating their houses; therefore, they prefer buying coal from the market.

They said that low-quality coal is sold in government-owned coal distribution centers and that the Islamic Emirate should pay attention to the matter.

“Most of the coal we purchased had poor quality. Due to our low income, we came here to buy high-quality coal,” said Ghulam Mohsin, a Kabul resident.

“It would be better if they charged 10,000 Afs instead of 9,0000 Afs (for each ton of coal) and delivered high-quality coal to the people,” said Mohammad Nader, a Kabul resident.

“We ask the Islamic Emirate to reduce coal prices for the poor people,” said

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum rejected the allegations, saying that at least 60,000 people have already received high-quality coal.

“This process has so far been carried out with excellent quality and review. Going forward, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum is committed to accelerating the process and boosting transparency in it,” said Omid Khoram, a spokesman of the ministry.

According to the representatives of one of the coal distribution centers, they sell up to five to six tons of coal every day.

“We sell five to six tons of coal every day, and since people come here a lot, we tell them to come here in the morning and afternoon,” said Abdul Qader, representative of the 10th district.

Previously, the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) said that the use of coal is one of the main reasons behind air pollution in Kabul.

Currently, a ton of coal is sold at government-run coal distribution centers for 6,000 Afs which is nearly 35 percent lower than the prices in the market.—Tolonews