Kabul marks World Blood Donor Day


In honor of World Blood Donor Day, the Central Blood Bank of Afghanistan called on citizens of the country to donate.

“The Central Blood Bank carried out 88,536 blood tests in that year, and also provided blood to 126,876 persons in need,” said Mohammad Nasser Sadiq, the director of the Central Blood Bank.

The director general of therapeutic medicine, Ahmad Sir Pasoon, stated that efforts should be made to increase the number of blood donors in order to save the lives of individuals who need blood.

Meanwhile, some citizens of the country who have come to the Central Blood Bank to make blood donations are asking the people to participate in the blood donation process in order to help the patients.

“Blood donors have a human obligation to preserve mankind, and we make this pledge to ourselves, God, and humanity to save humanity,” said Ahmed Nisar, a blood donor.

Muska, who is ill and in need of blood, stated, “I just ask the residents to donate as much blood as they can; it is healthy for them and for us.”

The Ministry of Public Health announced it would open five blood banks around the country so people can receive blood quickly.

Doctor Baz Mohammad Shirzad said blood donation is healthy becasuse “the body’s hematopoietic organs are disciplined after giving blood and all the organs move and operate, causing the cells to stay younger.”

Figures by government show that at least 45,000 Afghan security and defense force members lost their lives on duty under the National Unity Government which was established in 2104 following a controversial election.

“We want to honor the sacrifices of the Afghan forces who are defending the country under any circumstances,” said Anisa Sarwari, Chairperson of Herat Women’s Affairs Directorate.

Herat activists said the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces deserve more support from the people and that the campaign is part of the efforts to honor their sacrifices.

“Our National Army is striving day and night for us and we took part in the blood donation campaign to thank them for their services. We are grateful to those who are serving the country,” said Asma, a Herat resident.

Officials from Herat public hospital said the donated blood will be handed to the 207 Zafar Corps in Herat so that it helps wounded soldiers.

“We coordinate with the health center of the 207 Zafar military Corps, and if necessary, we will supply the blood to them,” said Farhad Torabi, deputy of Herat blood bank.

“Our plan is to create blood banks in at least five regions of the country with the same standards in case there is a demand for blood in the most distant areas of Afghanistan, because there are no air facilities to transfer blood from the central bank to the provinces,” said Javid Hajir, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has promised to work with the Ministry of Health to provide facilities for blood collection.

The WHO envoy has urged the Ministry of Health to start a campaign to educate the public about blood donation.—Tolonews

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