Kabul family caring for infant lost in evacuation


A Kabul family is taking care of an infant who was left at the Kabul airport during the August evacuation of US and NATO forces and their Afghan allies.

The child was one month old when he was left by his family. The family named the child “Ahmad.”

The family caring for the child say they want to hand him over to his parents. Hamid, who takes care of the child, is also a father of three children.

“I saw a child crying at a corner. I looked everywhere, there was no one. I took the child and asked some women in the area to feed the child but they didn’t agree,” he said.

“I love my brother Ahmad and can’t tolerate his absence,” said Fariha, a member of the family who is taking care of the child.

Hamid reached out to the child’s parents who are currently living in the US. The parents were evacuated in August.

“I got the number of his father from someone. When I called him, it was 3:00 am their time. I told him the story.

He sent me a photo and then I was sure he is the father. I told him that I will give him his child,” Hamid said.

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