Kabul committed to security of former govt officials: Muttaqi


Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting foreign minister, stated that the Islamic Emirate is committed to ensuring the security of former government officials and politicians who have returned to the country.

On Monday, in a meeting with some of the figures who recently returned to the country, Muttaqi stressed that Afghanistan is the common home of all Afghans and he hopes all Afghans will return to the country.

“Now is the time to leave everything aside, to forgive everyone and to fulfil what we have promised. We were told that if anyone returns to the country, first of all, pay attention to their safety,” he said.

In his remarks at the meeting, Muttaqi noted that all methods have been tested in the country and that blood is not cleansed with blood. He put an emphasis on building trust among Afghans.

“…Anyone who opposes the system of the Islamic Emirate is praised, but those who return to the country are called ‘traitor’ and ‘corrupt people.’ We know that the biggest conspiracy of our enemies is to cause Afghans to not be united,” he said.

Anyone who commits a crime after the amnesty decree will be held accountable, according to the acting foreign minister. He also said the country’s political and economic situation is getting better.

“If the Islamic Emirate wants to succeed in bringing Afghan political leaders who are living abroad into Afghanistan, it is necessary that they first clarify their activities inside the country, and provide them safety,” said Sayed Javad Hosseini, head of the Justice and Development Party.

Meanwhile, Ahmadullah Wasiq, spokesman for the commission of “Return and Communications with Former Afghan Officials and Political Figures” said that more than 100 other political figures, including women, are expected to return to the country in the near future.

“More than a hundred people have received the forms in which they have written down their details and they have sent them back to us. Now we are trying to provide them visas to return,” Wasiq said.

Based on the statistics of the commission, over 150 former political figures and government officials have returned to the country in the last month. Farooq Wardak, a former minister of education, Amanullah Ghalib, the former head of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), and Amirzai Sangin, a former minister of telecommunications, are among the officials who have returned to the country.

The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amir Khan Muttaqi, said the Islamic Emirate’s relations with foreign countries are being extended.

Muttaqi made the remarks at a gathering held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which several spokesmen of the government institutions participated.

“We have a balanced policy towards the whole world. Today, we don’t have problem with any neighboring country. Today, the Shirkhan port is opened, Hairatan, Torghondi and Islam Qala ports are opened. The Spin Boldak and Torkham ports are opened. We have good relations with all. Step by step Afghanistan will become an economic hub and this is a good policy,” Muttaqi said.

“Before us, the education centers were closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Now, in the male section, all of them are opened. Before, the government had control over 30 percent of the soil but now the schools are opened in 100 percent of the soil,” Muttaqi added.

He also cited the progress of the “Return of and Communications with Former Afghan Officials and Political Figures” and said that the former politicians and government officials can return to the country and that the Islamic Emirate will provide them with safety.