Kabul carnage


SPOILERS have become active to disrupt the ongoing peace
process between Afghan Taliban and the United States as the Afghan capital Kabul saw one of the deadliest attacks in months on Saturday night when a suicide bomber attacked a wedding hall killing at least 63 people and injured over 180 others, turning an event of joy and celebration into horror and carnage.
It is not the first time that such a wedding party has been attacked in Afghanistan as one has seen such deplorable incidents in the past also. The aim definitely was to inflict maximum casualties and damage in order to create mistrust and misunderstanding between the parties currently involved in the peace process. Just a few days ago, a bomb blast at a mosque in Balochistan province killed Hafiz Ahmadullah, brother of Afghan Taliban Chief Haibatullah Akhunzada, and three others. More such attacks cannot be ruled out both in the border areas of Pakistan as well as Afghanistan because the enemy of peace and distracters which are well identified are not happy with the ongoing talks. They do not want return of peace and stability to Afghanistan, which they are using as a proxy against Pakistan. It is, however, heartening to note that the parties appear to be cognizant of the impediments that may come in their way and are showing the commitment to move forward positively. Same kind of commitment is required from the Afghan Government when the process of intra-Afghan dialogue gets underway. The sooner a final agreement is reached amongst the parties, better will it be to put to rest all the conspiracies and evil plots.

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