K-Electric exempts areas from load-shed



Residents of Surjani led by Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Wasim Qureshi and representatives of different Union Councils recently hosted an event to acknowledge K-Electric’s (KE) recent announcement of infrastructure upgrade and load-shed exemption for areas of Surjani and North Karachi sector 5L, 5M, 5C-1, 5C-3, 5C-4 & 11-A. This announcement was made under the umbrella of KE’s Project Ujala, which works with communities to combat theft and uplift lives by ensuring reliable and safe provision of power. In the Surjani area, in continuation of this project, K-Electric has installed Six (6) new Pole-Mounted Transformers (PMTs), and converted a total of 83 such transformers to Aerial Bundled Cables which are insulated and thus theft-resistant. As a result of this investment and upgradation, now 17,400 people, residing in these areas will benefit by experiencing uninterrupted power supply down from 7.5 hours earlier due to the extremely high incidence of theft. Per Amer Zia, Chief Distribution Officer, K-Electric, “We are grateful for the overwhelming support from the communities and their representatives to the on-ground KE teams during the course of this six (6) month project, which has seen large-scale conversion of power infrastructure to Arial Bundled Cables in an effort to deter theft and ensure safe and reliable electricity supply.—PR

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