K-Electric doing worst load shedding in city



K-Electric is carrying out worst load shedding in history of Karachi. Power outage in different areas for 8 to 10 hours ruined daily lives of citizens as temperature has reached 42 degrees. Power outage has also created severe water crisis.

These views were expressed by Kaukab Iqbal, Chairman Consumer Association of Pakistan while talking to Daily National Courier. He said that unannounced load shedding by K Electric has exposed KE’s tall claims to serve Karachiites in the best way.Kaukab said that KE CEO Monis Alvi is playing Chinese flute in cold room of his office and torturing people in scorching heat. Hundreds of people are spending the night on sidewalks outside their homes.

He said that citizens will continue to be held hostage by ‘electricians’ till analogous power companies not start working in every district of Karachi. This will also create an atmosphere of good competition. “14 hours load shedding is being carried out in Landhi, Shah Faisal, Korangi, Orangi, Buffer Zone, North Karachi and other areas”, Kaukab added.

It seems that K-Electric has pushed the people of Karachi back to life centuries ago. People living in flats are forced to live in caves. In times when people need more electricity, the power supply is always cut off.

He said that as soon as the government took over, it was said that load shedding would be stopped in the whole country but it seems that it was just a paper statement. In fact, people of Pakistan have not received any relief in the last 25 years. Every government slanders the previous government for what it is.

Why did you run? Immediate steps are needed to make solar available at standard and low cost. Coastal strip of Sindh is very suitable for wind energy.

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